Local Internet Services for the Co Longford area

Update : November 2014

Between 2012-2014, from small beginnings, Longford Local developed into the first internet only Newspaper for Co Longford.

It worked with a number of local journalists, photographers, videographers and a large number of local community organisations, all of which made big contributions in helping the news service gain an audience both locally and internationally.

While I felt that it was important to try to plug the gap left by the absence of the Longford News in the local economy, ultimately things reached a natural conclusion in that I wasn’t able to get what was a small local internet news business to stand on it’s own two feet commercially, despite all efforts.  In hindsight, it has to be said that I aimed too high and came up short :( 


Therefore, in 2015, Longford Local will change, and in many ways return to what were the original plans for the service when I presented them at the Longford Expo in May 2012.

From January onwards, Longford Local will focus itself on doing all it can to assist the development of commerce in Co Longford and the surrounding areas of Leitrim, Roscommon, Cavan and Westmeath.

It will do such things as build & upgrade websites for clients, build new internet shops for local entrepreneurs,  help business owners better understand and use Social Media, create great photos, images and videos of local business, local people and local community groups.


There will be a new website, and a change of focus on all our Social Media Pages to reflect our provision of Internet Marketing & Advertising Services for Local Businesses and Community Groups.

As the owner, and someone who is very proud to be from Longford, I would like nothing more to be able to assist in my own small way in helping to stimulate local economic growth via the internet.


We’ve all seen what incredible work can be achieved locally with the restoration project at St Mel’s Cathedral. Let’s now work together to get Longford moving again economically :) 

Sincerely - John Walsh, Nov 11th 2014

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